Dos and Don’ts…Garbage Disposals


Start running cold water first: This not only aids with the grinding but helps cool the motor while running.

Turn on garbage disposal with the cold water still running.

Slowly start feeding small amounts of food scraps into disposal, this will help reduce stoppages.

Allow disposal to fully grind up waste before turning off.

Leave cold water running until disposal is turned off.


Don’t put food scrap into the disposal before turning on the cold water and then disposal first.

Don’t put fibrous foods in disposal i.e. potato peel, orange peel, banana peel. Fibrous foods tend to bend and not grind small enough which can lead to a blockage in the waste line.

Don’t put bones including chicken, rib, turkey etc. in disposal. The average garbage disposal cannot properly grind the bones which can cause the garbage disposal to jam or damage the disposal beyond repair.

Don’t overload the garbage disposal. Slowly feed small amounts of food waste allowing disposal time to grind up the food properly.

Don’t put grease in disposal. Grease will slowly accumulate and impede your garbage disposals grinding ability

Never put your hand in the garbage disposal. If something has fallen into the disposal immediately turn the disposal off. Unplug from wall and use either tongs or long needle nose pliers to retrieve item.