Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal makes kitchen cleanup a snap after meals by breaking up food wastes so they can be flushed down your drain. However, like any piece of plumbing equipment, your disposal requires regular maintenance to keep running efficiently. Your Tucson plumber can offer tips and repair services if you are experiencing trouble with your kitchen disposal.

Clean the Disposal

Keeping your disposal clean doesn’t require any harsh plumbing chemicals (which are never recommended, as they can cause more harm than good). Place two cups of ice down your drain, followed by one cup of rock salt. Run the cold water and turn on your disposal for 10-15 seconds. The ice and rock salt will clear any food buildup from the blades while also keeping them sharp as they are ground up inside your disposal.

Flush the Drain Line

You should also flush the plumbing line leading away from your disposal regularly to reduce the chances of a drain clog. Place a stopper in the disposal drain and fill your sink with two to four inches of cold water. Remove the stopper and turn on the disposal, letting the faucet continue to run. As the suction in your drain removes the water from your sink, it will also flush away any burgeoning clogs from your plumbing pipes.

Freshen the Drain

The final step in disposal maintenance is freshening your disposal for a clean-smelling kitchen. All you need to keep your disposal fresh is a few citrus peels, such as those from a lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Drop the peels down the drain and run your disposal briefly with cold water for a refreshing citrus scent.

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