How to Avoid a Summer Plumbing Emergency

Tips to avoid a summer plumbing emergency

 Clogged toilet

Whether you have children home for the summer or entertain frequently, your toilet gets a lot more use during the summer. We’ve pulled everything from rubber duckies to dentures to toothbrushes out of toilets. We suggest keeping the back of your toilet clear of any decorations or storage items. In addition, a waste basket for sanitary products placed within easy reach is a good idea for guests unfamiliar with your home.

Bonus tip:“Flushable” wipes seem like a great idea. However, they are NOT actually flushable! Despite what the packaging says, the wipes don’t break down like toilet paper does. They can clog your toilet or septic system. If you’re on city sewer, your taxes could go up because they clog the equipment that treat your water. The repair cost gets passed on to you, the taxpayer!

 Jammed disposal

Mmmmmm….one of the joys of summer is driving through your neighborhood and smelling someone grilling. Drum sticks and BBQ spare ribs are staples around here. Add some corn on the cob and watermelon slices, and you’re ready to feast! Avoid spoiling the meal with a plumbing emergency. Be sure to throw all bones, rinds, and cobs into the trash can. Your garbage disposal can jam or burn out with food waste like that.

Bonus tip: Freeze vinegar into ice cubes. Run the cubes down your garbage disposal periodically. This will keep the blades sharp AND kill odor-causing bacteria.

 Leaky faucet

Just like your toilets see more use this time of year, your faucets have to keep up. An outside faucet gets maxed out from gardening, dog and car washing, and water play. Because it’s exposed to the elements, it can leak outside or inside. We suggest a frost-free outside faucetinstallation. Your kitchen or bathroom faucet may be leaky because of a worn out gasket. This is a simple plumbing repair.

Bonus tip:If you have low water pressure in only one faucet of your home, it might be the aerator. Increased use raises the chance that food or soap is clogging it up. First, remove the small screen where the water comes out of the faucet. Then, clean it clear out the gunk and put it back on. Your water pressure should return to normal after!